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We implement D 365. It’s as simple as that, but what will this mean to you?

We implement D 365. It’s as simple as that, but what will this mean to you? A malfunctioning ERP system is bad for business. Therefore, you don’t ask just anyone to implement it. We guarantee you the right competences and, more importantly, the right people, because – at the end of the day – they are the ones who will make all the difference

We stay until everything works

At Daxiomatic, we are not driven by sales targets and bonuses. We have no intentions of selling you an industrial solution or services you have no need for. A well-functioning ERP system is what excites us, and the running of daily business operations is the ultimate test. This is where we make an impact: We stay with you until everything works!

How we succeed together

We believe that the perfect project is one we create together. As the saying goes: It takes two to tango. Tango is so much more than getting the steps right, it is about attitude, passion, improvisation, communication and connection between the dancers. Very similar to an ERP project.

On our part, we assure you that we:

  • are always honest, and you will have full transparency
  • don’t replace key resources without your consent
  • will establish a team that is based on chemistry and competences
  • stay focused on value creation and the right scope
  • have the competences to make the necessary decisions

Your project and goals are our starting point

We bring various approaches into play – spanning ”classical agile” methods to our own proprietary method. Together, we will determine what will be the best fit for your particular project under the given circumstances.

When you meet us, you will discover that we are different

We are driven by one overarching goal: To make you happy. And we have the freedom to plan the best possible route toward meeting this goal. Read more about who we are and how we work.

Our clients are unique

All clients are unique as well as exceptional. In our oppinion the choice to partner up with Daxiomatic should always be an active decision – not a matter of being tied to a specific solution.

A few facts about our clients:

  • We work with +70 businesses in various industries
  • Most of our clients are within retail, manufacturing and logistics
  • They are located across Denmark, frequently with a global presence
  • They are more than pleased to share their experiences as references

How we help our clients:

  • We challenge, and we ensure value creation
  • We optimize processes and provide operational support, on a daily basis
  • We engage in business projects and facilitate Digital Transformation to make sure that the IT infrastructure will support the company’s strategy
  • We take the full implementation responsibility for new D365 projects, either alone or together with other partners, thus assuring successful implementation

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Close to you

Having offices on both Zealand, Funen and in Jutland we are always nearby.

Interested in learning more about us?

If you are curious to learn more about our approach as well as the projects we take on, drop in for a cup of coffee.

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