Rather face the facts than being kept in the dark

It took a reality check and the involvement of the organisation for Fiberline’s ERP solution to become a force for change in the future development. Thanks to the collaboration with Daxiomatic the firm today has a much more well-oiled Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 solution, a reinforced collaboration within the organisation, and the added bonus of how to optimise and adapt in the future.

Facts on Fiberline

Fiberline is a leading manufacturer of glass and carbon fibre profiles in the global market. Their products are for instance applied in the production of wind turbine wings, energy optimisation of doors, windows and facades, and they also constitute elements in load-bearing constructions, such as e.g. bridges. Fiberline is domiciled in Middelfart on the island of Funen and employs a staff of approximately 300 employees.

    Most businesses are aware that, over time, the application of their ERP system needs development and adaptation

    Most businesses are aware that, over time, the application of their ERP system needs development and adaptation. In a busy working environment, only a few will act on this, as – after all – daily operations carry the greatest weight. At Fiberline, things also moved fast, and irregularities in their AX system were handled via spreadsheets or similar island solutions. It worked, but not optimally.

    As the newly appointed managing director, Ole Arenfeldt Jensen met several of Fiberline’s cooperative partners, comprising Daxiomatic, which at that point was supporting the solution, but had not been in charge of the actual implementation. ”I ask Kenneth about his opinion of our application of the system. He makes an assessment and confirms that there is room for improvement. We agree that he shall make a preliminary analysis for the purpose of defining where it will be particularly expedient to take action,” Fiberline managing director, Ole Arenfeldt Jensen, explains.

    Ole Arenfeldt Jensen

    - Administrerende direktør

A meeting I shall never forget

The meeting at which Daxiomatic presents the result of their preliminary analysis becomes decisive for the further collaboration. One of Daxiomatic’s consultants has visited the production as well as the administration, observing current processes. He identified a major optimisation potential and certain pronounced challenges, e.g. in collaboration across the organisation. To this day, Ole Arenfeldt Jensen vividly remembers how uneasy the Daxiomatic representatives in charge of the analysis were about explaining how severe they actually considered the situation to be:


”I will never forget this meeting. I simply believe that they were anxious about being too hard on us. It became abundantly clear that, in many cases, there were incongruities in our system application, but – as I said: I’ll much rather face the facts than remain in the dark,” says Ole Arenfeldt Jensen. Precisely the desire to take a level-headed approach to realities and move on from there has been an influencing factor in our cooperation, with value-creation being the primary focus – at all times.

Dynamism and a high energy level

When first realities were brought to light, it did not take long to agree that something had to be done. To Fiberline, it was important to find an approach that would allow continued and uninterrupted daily operations while securing an ongoing momentum relative to the optimisation project. Weekly workshops proved to be the ideal approach – for the work group as for the Fiberline management.

”This approach definitely constituted one of the major success factors – partly because it enabled us to maintain daily operations, and partly because of the considerable commitment. Daxiomatic contributed greatly to this successful process performance. They succeeded in creating both commitment and dynamism across all departments,” says Ole Arenfeldt Jensen.

A model for the future

The weekly workshops entailed a colossal boost for both organisation and colleagues. The latter, who had previously been more or less compartmentalised in their work routines, now united in a zest for work and a shared desire for more efficient collaboration. Altogether, the process ran over a few months, and each week advancements were reported on the board, when the management convened for a brief update by the work group.

”To me, it has been important that once directions are mapped out, then the people who own the project and are acquainted with daily routines and the system, will also be in charge of providing solutions that will be in line with their working methods. We need not work our way through several organisational layers, and – considering the commitment and drive that have characterised our weekly meetings – it definitely makes sense to continue this approach,” Ole Arenfeldt Jensen explains.

A better system and better use of the system

Today, Fiberline has an ERP solution that provides enhanced support of central processes across the business – a support that users to a far greater extent consider meaningful. Altogether, this means that the solution contributes to an enhanced cohesion across functions. But this is not all.
”There will continuously be new requirements and there will be new opportunities, in terms of technology. To us, our technological platform constitutes an important foundation; and, hence, we are constantly assessing where we can become more proficient. Our collaboration with Daxiomatic has provided ways and means for optimisation work that I’m certain we will employ in the future,” Ole Arenfeldt Jensen concludes.

Prior to entering into the cooperative relationship with Daxiomatic, Fiberline had implemented Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012, but did not experience full exploitation of this solution and, therefore, had resorted to the establishment of innumerable spreadsheet-based island solutions. This approach was inefficient and unsatisfactory and certainly left room for improvement.
Fiberline asked Daxiomatic to perform a preliminary analysis. This revealed several instances of inexpedient application of the system as well as low-hanging fruit ripe for the plucking via the establishment of more efficient processes. Fiberline established a task force which, in close collaboration with Daxiomatic, optimised the application of Fiberline’s AX 2012 system.
Today, Fiberline applies a considerably more well-oiled AX 2012 in support of the firm’s value chain. Quite concretely, the initiative contributed with a strengthened supply performance, and the actual work with process optimisation has reinforced collaboration across the organisation’s departments.