OnRobot supports their growth strategy with Microsoft Dynamics 365

Professional excellence and the capacity for adapting to customer demands go hand in hand in OnRobot’s provision of advanced robotics to some of the world’s most visionary businesses. In their collaboration with Daxiomatic, OnRobot experienced the similar combination of a sharp-witted and adaptive nature as they demonstrated a flexible adaptation to OnRobot’s requirements as these changed in the course of the project.


Onrobot is a manufacturer of market-leading robotics by way of gripping and sensor tools for industrial robots that will exploit the technology for the optimisation of their processes within areas such as packaging, quality testing, the handling of materials, machine operation and welding. The firm is domiciled in Odense.

A business is not a static unity

A business is not a static unity. On the contrary, most businesses will experience ongoing development and change. It is practically clichéd to state that “the only constant is change.” Nonetheless, OnRobot represents a striking example of exactly this. As a technological start-up business on the up and up, OnRobot has in no time increased its staff from 10 to 140 employees, added numerous new pins on the map, and expanded its product portfolio. And, if OnRobot has any say in the matter, this is just the beginning.

For this reason, it is also important to OnRobot that their providers understand the journey they have embarked on. When an organisation changes, and its complexity increases proportionally, then the infrastructure and the organisation’s support functions must be similarly adaptable.

“Streamlined processes and a system that will support and provide access to data are important prerequisites for success; and, thus, we did not doubt that we would need a sound ERP solution. We were, at the same time, determined that it should neither be a costly solution nor a time-consuming one. Also, we needed a provider who would understand our business and whom we could trust,” Lisa R. Hansen explains about the initial decision-making process.

Both Lisa and OnRobot’s managing director, Enrico Krog Iversen, knew Daxiomatic from earlier; and at the introductory meeting the parties found a model that would include standard Microsoft Dynamics 365 with Daxiomatic playing a directional role. The final details had hardly been settled, and the ink dried, when organisational changes occurred, and new demands came into play.

Planning is one thing, reality another matter

To OnRobot as well as Daxiomatic, the project became somewhat more comprehensive than either party had expected. This called for flexibility to a degree that may cause even the best planned project to give way. Nevertheless, as professional standards remained in place, the timeframe followed suit. The ambition to stick to standard solutions to the greatest possible extent remained the guiding principle throughout the project. In Lisa R. Hansen’s opinion, the success should be ascribed to equal parts professionalism and dedication – for OnRobot as for Daxiomatic.

”We have worked really hard, all of us. Internally, our strengths were that the people who controlled the project, knew the business and were able to make decisions. This resulted in efficient decision-making processes. Daxiomatic was able to find solutions to such challenges as occurred in the process, and I really believe that they have taken the trouble to make themselves acquainted with our business. To us, Daxiomatic’s representative entered as a player on the team – not just as an external consultant,” Lisa R. Hansen explains.

Crossing the finish line as planned

The collective project, which ran over a period of four months, was intense and ambitious. Everybody was set to cross the finish line according to plan; and, indeed, the small hours during the finishing spurt were haunted by Microsoft Dynamics 365.

“During the last phase, much of our waking state was dedicated to the project. Night and day. Many of us would dream AX fields, but this is how it goes when you are preoccupied with something. We don’t work with statements such as ‘we’ll never see the end of this.’ Because we will,” says Lisa R. Hansen.

And see it through, they did. The two production units in Denmark and Hungary went first, immediately followed by the US. Parallel with the production, the finance part was also incorporated in several of the countries in which OnRobot has sales offices.

Strategic support

To OnRobot, the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365 was no trail-blazing process as such. However, the improved stock control, the more streamlined business processes, and the management’s easier access to more data all constitute factors which, in the long term, have a successful influence on OnRobot.

“Access to the right tools is simply essential to our growth in line with our strategies. It is, for instance, essential that we have access to correct and updated data across boundaries and time zones. With dynamics 365 we will be equipped to face the future, and we have a solution that is relatively simple to develop further, just as this solution will facilitate linkage of new units as we develop,” Lisa R. Hansen concludes.

OnRobot experiences comprehensive growth characterised by increasing numbers of employees as well as the establishment of production and sales units across several countries, and the management needs for transparency and increased insight. Also, there is a wish to avoid the project’s making too many demands on the business.
In dialogue with Daxiomatic, OnRobot decides on a Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution with as few adaptations as possible. This solution will be implemented in Denmark, Hungary and the US, respectively – with access to the finance part for selected sales offices in other countries. Integration with BlueStar shall secure simple data transfer between Dynamics 365 and OnRobot’s indispensable CAD-system.
After a period of four months, and within budget, Denmark and Hungary went live. The US followed immediately after and, today, the production and selected sales units use Microsoft Dynamics 365. OnRobot has optimised its stocks, strengthened the firm’s processes, and the management has increased insight into figures. OnRobot is ready for the future, based on a solid platform which supports their buisiness processes. and on which they can build as their demand change.