The world’s northernmost POS installation

Large distances and delayed snowstorms are challenges that can be overcome when commitment is great, and there is a will for change. The project kept on schedule, and TELE-POST is airborne on the basis of Dynamics 365 for Operations with new POS units for all the firm’s shops in Greenland.

    ”The world at closer bay”

    Driven by the vision to bring “the world closer”, TELE-POST every day works towards the creation of national cohesion and bridgebuilding between people across social, cultural and geographic boundaries. Such an ambitious goal presupposes control of internal processes, an old Microsoft Axapta 3.0 with numerous outdated adjustments made this quite a tall order, though:

    “We had a poorly performing system to which we were careful not to make too many changes. This meant technological vulnerability, and, also, that our ERP solution simply came to represent a stumbling block to some of the commercial enhancement projects we were planning,” says Line Frederiksen, who is a financial controller with TELE-POST. When technology becomes a limiting factor, the time is ripe for considering your options. Which was what TELE-POST did.

    Line Frederiksen

    - Chief Accountant

A tool not a space rocket

In an ERP context, TELE-POST considers itself to be a minor business with basic needs, and to them it was important to get a user-friendly solution of standard functionality and a minimum of adaptations. Further, the solution should support the individual user’s everyday tasks with for instance individual adaptation of screen images. TELE-POST was looking for a tool, not a space rocket. After a thorough assessment of the options in the market, TELE-POST decided to enter into a collaborative relationship with Daxiomatic on the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations and the rollout of appertaining POS solutions for the 13 TELE-POST centres.

Great enthusiasm and a desire for change

The implementation of new ERP will frequently run into opposition. Not many are prepared for change and, by nature, most of us prefer to continue our work according to known routines. Therefore, the start-up at TELE-POST was extremely atypical, because the attitude here was noticeably different.

From day one, enthusiasm was pronounced, and the project participants would actively propose desires and ideas. Daxiomatic always works in close dialogue with the very users of the systems, with those who know everyday procedures. This gives Daxiomatic the opportunity to challenge them on certain matters, and the shared initiatives will secure the establishment of robust processes that will create value for the firm.

Thus, involvement and continuous follow-up of the balancing of expectations with project participants are absolutely critical for a successful ERP implementation. The fact that, in the course of the process, the TELE-POST project also provided hiking and sailing opportunities for exploring

the Greenland nature contributed further to the creation of good energy and high spirits for the team.

On air as planned

TELE-POST went live with the new solution on the agreed date in the autumn of 2018; and, today, the firm works on the basis of a generic solution which can be swiftly expanded in line with the firm’s development and as new requirements to the solution arises. Today, the individual TELE-POST centres have a flexible retail solution, and changes can swiftly be implemented in a way that will impact on all shops. The project module gives an overview of all projects; and, today, several administrative routines are streamlined with standard workflows facilitating simple operation for the user, regardless of the type of task to be approved.

“To us, the implementation as such as well as our collaboration with Daxiomatic have been educational as well as inspirational. It was a fine occasion for assessing our processes, and, as an organisation, we have become sharper. Now, we are already experiencing more efficient everyday work routines; and, seen from a purely managerial point of view, we have much more room for manoeuvre with respect to using technology as a lever relative to our focus areas in future years,” TELE-POST’s financial controller, Line Frederiksen, explains.

Facts about TELE-POST

TELE-POST is a provider of telephony, internet and mail across all of Greenland. TELE-POST operates 13 TELE-POST centres across Greenland, provide service to customers within both private and commercial sectors and also plays an important role for the purpose of developing and expanding the Greenland infrastructure.

TELE-POST’s ERP solution had become a stumbling block that prevented important improvement projects. Considering a strategy that is, for instance, focused on operating an efficient business and the exploitation of time, competences and financial resources in the best possible way, an up-to-date solution was required.
In collaboration with Daxiomatic, TELE-POST implemented Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations of which the most important elements were the project module, workflows for administrative processes and data management for all integrations were of particular importance. In addition, the set up of 13 POS units constituted a part of the collective retail solution for the TELE-POST shops.
Today, TELE-POST has a retail solution that supports their procedures, providing a flexibility for adaptation and development as required. Their workflows have become more efficient, and they have a solid and secure technological foundation that provides an opportunity for further optimisation over time.