Trade Point

D365 as an element in a developmental journey

Increased growth and internationalisation gave rise to new requirements as to the professionalisation of the Danish wholesale furniture trading company, Trade Point. So far, the successful implementation of Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations represents the latest milestone of the firm’s developmental journey.

Facts about Trade Point

Trade Point is a Danish-owned company, headquartered in the town of Odense. The firm trades in furniture and accessories for the home. Trade Point is a supplier to large furniture chains, DIY stores, online shops, and other retailers with sufficient capacity for the reception of direct container deliveries.

    We needed to deal with the heart of the matter. We had taken important and necessary steps at our front end, whereas our realisation of commercial goals was being curtailed by the back end,

    Steen Foged Pedersen

    - CFO at Trade Point

”We needed a new mindset. Increasing exchange of data and the demand for new collaborative approaches put digitalisation on the agenda. Our leading success criteria have been global scope and knowledge sharing as well as the professionalisation and optimisation of our business, using digital tools as leverage,” says Steen Foged Pedersen, CFO of Trade Point, describing the firm’s developmental journey.

Prior to their implementation of Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations (D365FO), Trade Point had for a number of years worked towards a professionalisation of their firm. Initially, focus had been on an optimisation of supply chain and sales division. However, enhancements reached a stage where back-end became the next natural step.

“We needed to deal with the heart of the matter. We had taken important and necessary steps at our front end, whereas our realisation of commercial goals was being curtailed by the back end,” Steen Foged Pedersen continues.

Future-proof solution and a competent collaborative partner

Owing to the comprehensive work already performed by Trade Point, the company was very conscious of the heavy demands involved in the implementation of new systems. To the widest extent possible, the company desired a standard solution, requiring a future-proof option and a competent collaborative partner to head the project. It was decided to implement D365FO in collaboration with Daxiomatic.

”Daxiomatic proved to be a good match for us. They share our entrepreneurial spirit, they are free spirits, and they possess a flexibility enabling their adaptation to our needs. They take their point of departure in what we, at Trade Point, desire to achieve. I experience Daxiomatic to be truly driven by the creation of value on my behalf; and, not least, they put their money on the line as they tell me that if I do not get the expected value, there will be no bill to be paid. Their business ethics are incredibly high,” says Steen Foged Pedersen about the choice of Daxiomatic as the collaborative partner in the implementation of D365FO.

Exemplary joint effort

A successful implementation is never a solo performance. Successful IT projects represent the result of serious commitment by all involved parties. With respect to Trade Point, this for instance meant their provision of dedicated full-time resources as well as an ambitious and responsible approach to the project from day one. The combination of Trade Point’s commitment and Daxiomatic’s competences and experience proved an ideal match.

“On balance, what we achieved together is a fantastic success. Never once in the course of the project, did the organisation come to a standstill. The provided solution is superb, and we crossed the finish line within the project framework we initially set out – in terms of finances as in terms of time,” Steen Foged Pedersen explains.

A responsible provider

A project being optimal and in textbook fashion does not signify the non-occurrence of challenges. Deviations or unforeseen adjustments constitute part of the dynamism in complex and extensive projects. To Trade Point efficient communication was essential – as well as the fact that any challenges, occurring in the course of the project, were dealt with.

“I experience Daxiomatic as a provider who assumes responsibility. They never shy away from challenges. They listen, take feed-back and worries seriously, and they back up insights and decisions by action,” Steen Foged Pedersen states.

The groundwork in place

When development projects lie neatly like beads on a string and are mutually dependent, the meeting of budget as well as time frame is of crucial importance. Today, owing to the successful implementation of D365FO, Trade Point is at a point where the major steps have been taken, and the new vistas of multiple opportunities are ready to be brought into play.

“We crossed the finish line with a solution that required a minimum of adaptations, precisely as we desired. Now, we are prepared to exploit and activate all the obvious opportunities; and we will convert data to information that will strengthen our business. We will resume our developmental journey. Now, the groundwork is in place, and we have charted an unwavering course towards the future,” Steen Foged Pedersen concludes.

In connection with a comprehensive professionalisation of their business, Trade Point implemented D365 Sales for the purposes of the management of products as well as customer and supplier relations. Following initial front-end steps, the company had reached a point at which back-end had come to represent a curtailing factor in the continued development of the business.
Trade Point chooses D365FO for the management of their end-to-end operational activities. The Microsoft Power platform’s Common Data Service (no-code integration facility) ensures cohesion with the existing D365 Sales, while the primary analysis tool, Power BI, facilitates data collection across the various platforms.
Equipped with an up-to-date digital set-up, an optional correlation between CRM and ERP, plus access to a powerful exploitation of data, Trade Point is now geared for resuming their developmental journey. And forward-looking, data-driven insights and operational optimisation are intended to strengthen the company’s growth and internationalisation.