June 11, 2020

Extended product portfolio

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On January 1st, Daxiomatic welcomed Allen Campbell who will be our Solutions Architect as well as our expert in Dynamics Sales and Marketing, not excluding the underlying Power Platform.

For the past 10 years, we have exclusively focused on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations (earlier AX), but we now expand our product portfolio by the inclusion of Dynamics 365 Sales and Marketing (earlier Microsoft CRM).

As a platform, Microsoft Dynamics 365 is undergoing comprehensive transformation, and one modification we are witnessing is the closer connection of the underlying business applications. We are particularly witnessing highly improved integration possibilities between for instance Finance and Operations and Sales and Marketing (CRM) and, likewise, between Dynamics 365 and the Office 365 products, such as Outlook, Word/Excel, Teams and SharePoint.

The Dynamics 365 transformation is for instance driven by an increasing demand for an integrated and interconnected palette of business applications that are seamlessly supporting Prospect-2-Cash business processes.

Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations is the ”Cash” part and equal to Daxiomatic’s historical focus. With Dynamics 365 Sales and Marketing (earlier Microsoft CRM) constituting the “Prospect” part, Daxiomatic now covers the full spectrum.

On January 1st, Daxiomatic welcomed Allen Campbell who will be our Solutions Architect as well as our expert in Dynamics Sales and Marketing and the underlying Power Platform.

Allen Campbell, Solutions Architect:

”I decided to join Daxiomatic because it’s a good place to be yourself: A place where it’s all about people and where the stated purpose, to satisfy all AX-customers, overrules profit. I expect that existing and new customers will be even more satisfied as, now, Daxiomatic covers a more extensive Dynamics 365 portfolio.”

Jesper Refning, Managing Partner:

“For the past ten years, the satisfaction of all AX customers has been our stated purpose. Last year, concurrently with the ongoing development of the Dynamics platform, it made sense to add Power BI as a means to strengthen and underpin our purpose. Adding Sales and Marketing is a natural next step. To be honest, it always bothered us that we, our customers’ trusted partner, could only help with the last leg of the customer journey. Now we can accompany our customers right from the moment they set out on this journey, and I expect them to be absolutely satisfied. People tend to consider our purpose-driven organisation a breath of fresh air, and I expect the same to be the case for Sales and Marketing.”

Welcome Allen.