No industry solutions but plenty of good solutions to industrial challenges

You will not buy an industry solution from us. However, you will meet people with in-depth industry knowledge and extensive experience in implementing Dynamics 365 in selected industries. Good solutions require insights and knowledge, which we have.

Technological success requires commercial understanding

When we commit to a new project, we know we can provide value. If not, we leave the project to others. The potential for a valuable partnership – a successful project and satisfied clients – is closely linked with commercial understanding, knowledge of critical processes in an industry, and experience with technology driven process optimization.

We strengthen your business

We are Dynamics 365 professionals. Vi take pride in implementing a solution that works seamlessly, performs above expectations and helps you realize all the advantages the Dynamics 365 suite provides. But a technological accomplishment in itself is not enough for us. When you are satisfied, we are satisfied. We know from experience that this will not happen until you have experienced how the solution strengthens your business. Therefore, we complement our Dynamics 365 expertise with a profound commercial understanding and in-depth industry knowledge.


We approach a potential collaboration with you with utmost humility. We are Dynamics 365 professionals, and we are familiar with your industry, but we do not know you and your company. Therefore, our first and foremost task is to listen and to understand. When we know you, your business and what you want to accomplish, we introduce our knowledge, experience and industrial expertise into the game – and we are keen to challenge you, this is where synergy arises. Together, we will create a project that gives you the business value you seek.


No two production companies are the same. Procurement, processing of raw materials, the ideal production mix, capacity utilization, individualizations, volumes, delivery methods and several other things have an effect on how the individual business manages the overall flow of production.

Nevertheless, each activity in itself is rarely unique. And thankfully so. This means that for each little challenge there will most likely already be a solution. Connecting challenges with known solutions is what we excel at. We help you and your company zoom in on the essential areas and make the most of the solutions Dynamics 365 provides.

With Dynamics 365 and by working with us, you can strengthen your manufacturing business by:

  • Adjusting to changing market requirements
  • Accelerating time-to-market
  • Minimizing waste in the value chain
  • Prediction and planning of capacity
  • Controlling costs efficiently
  • Efficient cost management
  • Development of new products

CASE: Room for improvement in the production

We helped Fiberline optimize their production. A pre-analysis indicated room for improvement, and, at risk of destroying the good mood, facts were presented. This marked the beginning of a good collaborative relationship based on clear communication and transparency.

”I will never forget this meeting. I simply believe that they were anxious about being too hard on us. It became abundantly clear that, in many cases, there were incongruities in our system application, but – as I said: I’ll much rather face the facts than remain in the dark,” says Ole Arenfeldt Jensen.

Read the customer story in which Ole Arenfeldt Jensen, CEO at Fiberline, talks about working with us and about the optimization of Fiberlines production.

Retail and logistics

The requirement to be efficient throughout the entire supply chain has not diminished over the past years. On the contrary, efficiency in retail and logistics is non-negotiable, and every little detail matters. At the same time, the entry level for competition is historically low, due to an increase in online shopping. In a highly competitive market, the battle for customers is tough. Seamless and unique shopping experiences across online and physical sales channels strengthen customer loyalty and secure the future. The tasks are numerous, and complexity is high.

With Dynamics 365, Microsoft now offers an array of tools in support of critical processes in a modern trading company. On a daily basis, we at Daxiomatic work on the gearing of trading companies for growth, optimizing profit margins and adjusting all the important parameters that have an effect on the company’s potential for success, including:

  • Cost effective management of warehousing and logistics
  • Optimal management tools at headquarters
  • Efficient digital communication with business partners
  • Efficient work processes for the entire workforce
  • Unique shopping experiences for customers across sales channels
  • Excellent customer service based on customer insights

CASE: A tripling of turnover required a new approach

In pursuit of tripling the turnover in their design company which has 7,000 vendors and an increasing number of international sales offices, House Doctor decided to upgrade their digital platform. They wanted a partner who did not take over the process and who had the required skills and capacity for challenging and coaching the internal team of competent project resources.

”Daxiomatic proved to be the perfect match for us. They are absolutely competent and proficient within their field and, also, they have a pragmatic approach. In our collaboration with Daxiomatic, I experience precisely the flexibility we need. Both parties are important in the collaboration, but the primary ownership and responsibility still remains with us – internally at House Doctor,” Claus Hyldgaard explains.

Read the customer story in which Claus Hyldgaard, Digital Operations Manager at House Doctor, tells about the collaboration and about  House Doctor’s digital transformation.

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