How we approach leadership

We practice self-leadership. We do so out of necessity. We are not on any new v2 leadership wave. Likewise, we haven’t chosen the easiest way. To us, leading ourselves is the only way we can truly remain committed to our purpose. We consider traditional top-down management to have a repressive impact on initiative and development and, further, that rules will paralyze the organization.
Our view of self-leadership

Leadership is a position you step into. The only boss is our purpose, and everyone has the right to make decisions that will serve the purpose. Together, we create a meaningful work life, where job satisfaction and meaningfulness are beacons on our route towards the target.

Both clients and colleagues benefit from our leadership approach:

As a client

As a client with us, you meet skilled and committed professionals who take pride in the results to which they contribute. They are used to assess the meaningfulness of the solutions they provide, and they have the freedom to make decisions that will serve the project. At Daxiomatic, we don’t do anything on auto pilot. Rest assured that what matters most to us is the provision of the greatest value possible.

As our colleague

As our colleague you will become a part of an empowering community. Each and every one of us takes full responsibility for our individual roles and for the way we contribute to our common goal in meaningful ways. Clear communication and transparency are important elements of our workday. We expect you to be bold, to reach out and to ask for help when something is troubling you.

Leadership in practice

How we practice self-leadership at Daxiomatic

At Daxiomatic, we have one leading purpose

Our company presentation is a Viking story. We find many relevant reference points in that story. Stories create images. When a new Viking enters the family, we empower him or her to navigate with confidence within our world. Metaphorically, we equip all colleagues with a shield and a dagger. This enables them to act with determination and dedication in their daily work life. And, likewise, they have the opportunity to shield themselves when protection is needed. These are qualities which the individual will benefit from – not only here and now, but throughout life.

We are different. Would you like to know why?

There are many considerations behind the way we operate our business. Jesper is often asked about being purpose-driven and about what we mean by saying that our only boss is our purpose. Give him a call, if we’ve also aroused your curiosity.