Driven by one purpose

At Daxiomatic, we have one leading purpose: To make all AX clients happy.

To make all AX clients happy!

At Daxiomatic, we have one leading purpose

It may sound banal but that is not how we see it. At all. Back in 2010 we founded Daxiomatic as a counter reaction to a greedy ERP market which at the time was more about quantity than quality. We were embarrassed to be part of an industry where businesses fell prey to vendors who were only concerned with making a profit. Capsized ERP projects were the norm rather than the exception.

Our commitment to reintroduce worthiness in the industry and provide real and tangible value for our clients is what drives our purpose: To make all AX clients satisfied

A clear vision doesn’t do the job, so how will our purpose affect us and you?

We have the willingness and courage to go all the way. Working with us, you will discover that our purpose is our beacon, affecting the way we prioritize tasks, our actions throughout the day, and our business approach.

How we prioritize tasks:
Value for the client is most important
We want our clients to feel they get more than they pay for. This approach determines which type of projects we take on – and which we politely turn down. We only bid on a project if we are confident that we can make a difference and create value. If not, we leave the job to others.
How we act on a day to day basis:
The client is not always right
Stating that we will make all AX clients happy is not to say that we will comply with all customer demands, or that we will parrot anything they say. On the contrary, we speak up if a project is taking a direction that may potentially harm the value impact. If we say nothing, and value vanishes, the fault will be on us.
How we approach business:
Not driven by profit
You get what you measure. That’s why we don’t measure earning rates and billable hours, since this would be destructive to our purpose of making all AX clients happy. We measure our accomplishments in the success rate of our projects. Economy must be sustainable, but our true currency is client value.

    Value for the client is more important than project profitability

    Job satisfaction and value creation is what matters on a day to day basis. I have the freedom to plan my own day, and I have a say in the organization and the projects on which I work. I am committed to myself, my colleagues and my clients – not spreadsheet numbers. I really appreciate that.

    Jonas Asker Boye

    - Daxiomatic
The target is clear. The route that leads there is dynamic

We are unshakeable in our commitment to our purpose. It has been like this from the word go. Thus, we don’t follow a straight growth curve, and – to be honest – we don’t really bother. We are more concerned with the success for our clients.

Even if making a difference for our clients is what matters the most, we are not naïve. Satisfied AX clients require our presence tomorrow and that we thrive as well. Therefore, job satisfaction and a sustainable economy are also important parameters to us.

We team up with

We are different. Would you like to know why?

There are many considerations behind the way we operate our business. Jesper is often asked about being purpose-driven and about what we mean by saying that our only boss is our purpose. Give him a call, if we’ve also aroused your curiosity.