We employ skilled people with the right personal and professional profiles. We are always on the look-out for new talents – experience is less important than personality.

You must be a competent AX consultant, and we also expect you to be sociable, committed, empathetic and self-driven. It is important to be socially well-functioning in relation to colleagues and teamworking as well as in interactions with customers. Therefore, we value professional and social skills equally high.

Our recruitment process takes high priority, as we deeply respect the decision to take on a new position. We are thorough for the sake of both parties. Our recruitment process typically centres around two key interviews with each their purpose. The first meeting focuses on the personal match, and the second is about your professional skills.

First interview: chemistry and values

At the first interview, you will meet our HR representative and a commercial colleague.

We will come to know you as a person, and you will learn more about us. A recruitment process is a collaborative process, and it is important that both parties remain open minded. After the first interview, and prior to our planning a second interview, we will ask you to submit your written reflections concerning our initial meeting . This way, you get the chance to add any thoughts or questions which may have surfaced after we parted.

Second interview: professional qualifications

Prior to the second interview, you will fill in a DISC profile and a competence matrix.

At this interview, you will meet two other colleagues, who are internal recruiters with roles within your field of expertise. The interview is semi-structured and takes its point of departure in your competence matrix, elaborating along the way. Hopefully, you have a ton of questions for us as well. Immediately after the interview, you will have a separate meeting with HR, receiving feedback on your DISC profile. This will be a conversation about your immediate behavioural preferences. We will discuss your preferred behaviour – e.g. what gives you energy and what drains you – and we will compare this with the position for which you applyed. It is important to us that you mainly experience a balance with your personal behavioural preferences while employed with us.

Recruiting the right people plays a pivotal role for us. At the end of the day, it is all about people. We appoint passionate people, committed to makeing a difference – to our customers and to one another.


Onboarding begins as early as at the initial interviews, where we become acquainted. Naturally, we also have a plan for how to bid you welcome, thus helping you to get off a the very best start.


An appointment with us will not be based on an employment contract, but rather on a freedom contract. When both parties have signed this contract, we and your colleagues will invite you to join a communal breakfast, which will give everyone an opportunity to meet and greet. Before you begin work, you will also receive such information as is relevant, including our DAX Philosophy, Blue Book and our DAX leaflet “Use your shield” – this information explains our values and your responsibility to take good care of yourself. We also ask you to submit one of your favourite quotes for our website and a personal photo which will be displayed in our DAX offices alongside pictures of your colleagues.


We make sure that you will be invited to relevant events and meetings, including a number of informational meetings during your first week of work. These meetings, of 1-2 hours’ duration, will provide you with the necessary information and equipment for getting off to a good start. We also arrange for a photographer to take a photo for our website and much more… But initially: a nice communal breakfast and a warm welcome, colleagues working at other locations will join us online. You will also get the opportunity to say a few words about yourself. Is all this important? Yes, very much so! It is a priority, as we want you to feel welcome from day one.

Getting off to a good start with a running mate

At Daxiomatic, a running mate is a colleague who has received internal training in providing you with the best possible social and collegial support during your first six months with us. It is a colleague who has the time, will and skills to “run alongside” you at the beginning. This gives you unhindered and easy access to a person you know will be there to help you with all such practical, cultural and professional issues that tend to pop up when you are in a new job.