June 15, 2020

Positive discrimination in favour of everyone

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At Daxiomatic, we have no specific policy for coping with life. This is not to say that we do not care, however. Definitely not. Quite the opposite, in fact.

It is OK to take an extra day off. Flexible working hours or part-time working are fine. Likewise, in most companies, a senior policy is a natural part of caring for employees. Naturally, being a responsible company, we also needed a senior policy. Or so we thought. But in reality, our freedom agreement (what others refer to as their personnel policy) already extends preferential treatment to each and every employee.

At Daxiomatic, you neither need to be old nor sick to get extra days off, or to work flexible hours or part time. In periods of our life, we may all need to change the way we structure our work life. Understanding this, we therefore leave room for such flexibility. As we established an internal work group charged with shedding light on the special needs of our senior employees, the necessity for adaptability became even more apparent.

Do we really need a policy?

The intentions were good when a colleague initiated and formed a work group looking into the potentials of a senior policy. The group had enthusiastic discussions. Which specific considerations would be required? What will happen when the energy level is lower than you are used to? Do we want certain considerations to be automatically triggered at a certain age?

It was an important dialogue, and the subsequent insights were equally essential. Senior life is just as varied and individual as for instance family life with small children. What is challenging to one person may not be an issue to another, who may then struggle in other areas. The more specific the work group tried to be on requirements, the clearer it became that such needs were already coped with by the concept of freedom that is a natural element in the Daxiomatic self-organisation.

The courage to ask for help

Life happens, which is as it should be. Ageing is a natural process. Just as of life crises are naturally occurring phenomena. External incidents tend to impact on our energy level, at work as in general. It is critical that we pause to ask ourselves – perhaps turning to somebody for advice – how we best navigate our current situation. Certain circumstances in one’s worklife may have to give way. Daxiomatic has scope for this.

At Daxiomatic, we have no specific human resources policy. This is not to say that we do not care about our employees, however. Definitely not. Quite the opposite, in fact. We pursue a culture with frameworks that will provide for the ups and downs of life – what fate decides. It is therefore important that the individual employee has the courage to be open about changes in his/her life situation. It may be necessary to slow down or perhaps be otherwise relieved.

Self-management is an important competence

Our senior-policy work group concluded that Daxiomatic does not need a senior policy. Similarly, their work revealed that no Daxiomatic area will require a specific policy. At Daxiomatic, we simply need no policies targeted at every possible life event, laying down details about dos and don’ts, about what can and cannot be done, and about employee rights and privileges – and the opposite.

We respect individuality as well as diversity. The ability to take good care of ourselves and one another and be in control of own lives. At Daxiomatic, positive discrimination is thus in favour of every employee.