Our organization is a dynamic one, reflecting who we are. This also means that the organization is constantly developing, because each and every one of us is on an individual journey within the Daxiomatic framework.

We believe that people thrive when they have a say in their work life, experience meaningfulness, and have the freedom to change things that need adjustment. We will empower you to take responsibility for your personal and professional development.

To most people entering into a work community with such high levels of influence is a new experience. As long as it serves our purpose and does no harm to other people, everyone has decision-making freedom.

Tools to master self-leadership

Such levels of freedom come with a responsibility and is best managed with a set of tools at hand. There are three areas, within which we consider your capability for navigating safely, to be particularly important:

Roles: Establish your own job profile
People are round. Job descriptions are square. At Daxiomatic we want whole people. Therefore, you piece together your own job profile, in order that it matches your competences and preferences.
Decisions: Change things that do not work
Just as you create your own job profile, you also plan your workday and the tasks you are working on. When you feel that things can be done in better ways, you have the freedom to make such changes.
Reflection: Individual development and coaching
Self-reflection is important. First and foremost for you to be a satisfied colleague, but equally important for you to be conscious about growth areas, motivation and strengths and weaknesses.

Roles: Build your own job profile

How we work with roles

You decide which competences you want to activate. From our internal list of roles, you will pick the roles and areas of responsibility that match your desires. When you change, you adjust your profile. This is your point of departure for the creation and maintenance of a meaningful worklife with influence, active choices, job satisfaction and passion.

Decisions: Change the things that do not work

How we make decisions

We have a clear framework for how we make responsible decisions that affect our community. You must be the person who is best equipped for making such a decision; and you will ask advice from colleagues who will be affected by the decision. The decision-making process is described in detail, and we share decisions openly. You will soon become familiar with this format.

Reflection: individual development and coaching

How we encourage self-reflection

At fixed intervals, i.e. every second month, you will have 1:1 coaching sessions with HR. This is where you put aside daily operations and enter into a room for reflection. Your personal and professional development is in focus, and we work with your leadership targeted at your development as a self-leader within a purpose-driven company such as ours.

Other growth opportunities

We also have the internal Daxiomatic Academy that provides you with a set of management tools for individual training and 1:1 coaching, taking place in professional teams and in workshops for the entire organization.

External coaching

We are all different and have different preferences and needs. For the purpose of meeting everyone’s needs, external coaching is also an option. You may avail yourself of this in accordance with own wishes, and when needed.

Certifications, courses and further education

You never ask permission but for advice. We are confident that you know best, when a particular course, a certification or further education will be expedient. You may choose freely, and it is up to you to decide when and where you wish to improve your skills within a certain area.


Would it appeal to you to be a member of a network of people who share your interests? The decision is entirely yours, and you are free to involve yourself, as long as it supports the Daxiomatic purpose.

Internal measurement of well-being

Every fifth week, we perform an internal measurement of the well-being among all colleagues. The objective is to encourage reflection and provide insight, and all employees will immediately get access to their personal score. To ensure transparency about the trend at any given time, the general, and anonymous, result will be available for the entire organization.