maj 9, 2021

Guide to automated vendor invoicing process in D365

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The process automations framework is easy to set up – and processing can be automated with no customization and improve the productivity.

Microsoft released a new feature, which can be activated in version 10.0.17.

Most companies uses third parties organizations to scan their invoices and import them to pending vendor invoices in D365. With the new feature you are able to automatically match the product receipts to the vendor invoices and submit them to the workflow – no manual action needed.

Setting it up is easy – you just need to follow these steps:

Activate the feature
Go to Feature Management and activate the feature:

Configure the parameters
Go to: Accounts Payable -> Parameters -> Vendor invoice automation and set up the 2 possibilities. Do you want to activate the Automatically match of product receipts and do you want the invoices to be automatically submitted once the status is passed:

Activate the background processes
Go to: System administration -> Setup -> Process automations:

If you do not see any of these processes executing, run the “Initialize background process” job to initialize them:

Once you have set it up you can see the new possibilities:

Match product receipts to invoice lines that have a three-way matching policy

You can run the batchjob to match the product receipts to the invoice lines on an hourly or daily schedule.

The result of the job is stated in a new column in pending vendor invoices – Automated receipt match status:

Auto submit imported vendor invoices to workflow
If you have chosen the parameter to automatically submit the invoices, you will also be able to see this result in pending vendor invoices:

You can see on the first line that the Automated receipt match status was Completed, so the next job has automatically submitted the invoice to the workflow and the Automated submit to workflow status is Completed.

Automation history for vendor invoices
In the pending vendor invoice list page you have a new button “View automation history” where you can follow the Automation history:

Prevalidate vendor invoice posting
A new feature is the Simulate posting. It is found on the pending vendor invoice list page under Review:

You can simulate posting for one or more invoices and see the result. In the example the vendor invoice will not be able to be posted because the period is closed.

Vendor invoice entry workspace
The new Vendor invoice entry workspace introduces a simple overview which gives you easy access to work with the invoices:

The summary tiles provides a quick overview and access to the invoices that are in progress and that you need to work with.
The grid shows you Open purchase orders and Product receipts that aren’t yet fully invoiced and vendor invoices that haven’t been submitted to the workflow system.

Under Analytics – all companies you are also in the standard solution provided different instant overviews of the invoices:

The process automations framework is easy to set up – and processing can be automated with no customization and improve the productivity.

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